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I'm quite new to doing my own nails... I was a nail salon/acrylic queen until this past summer. I never had an 'issues' with my own nails so I have no real reason why I got acrylics except for "following the crowd" ==> when gas prices kept going up I had to ditch my nail guy Kevin cause he was too far and I wouldn't trust anyone else with doing my tips....This lead me to self manis and pedis which actually is real simple is you have time + patience. Here is how i do a quick mani.

* start with clean hands and remove nail polish

--TIP: Wet sponge w/polish remover and place on nail for 10 sec before wiping off/ comes off easier.

* File nails using short strokes in 1 direction. Try to mimic the shape of your finger tips.

* Soak hands for 5min in warm, soapy water.

* Push cuticles back gently, remove any excess w/ cuticle remover. ( i like sally hansens)

* Massage a dap of oil into cuticles

* Wash hands w/ soap and water. Apply lotion is needed.

---TIP: make sure your nails are lotion free before painting them for longer lasting color.

*Begin with a base coat or nail hardener. This prevents staining your own nails.

*Apply at least 2 coats of color. Short strokes starting at the base to tip.

* Wait for paint to completely dry.( i read while i wait 15-20 min)

* Apply top coat/ quick dry.

----TIP: Dont blow on nails or wave hands madly, simply let it dry on its own.

So here are the results of my mani that i did on Thurs. Pics taken today.

OPI Concerto in Copper.


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