Tea Rinse

Last night I discovered this idea of rinsing hair with tea. Although I had been using tea as a facial steamer i never thought about using it on hair until last night. After steaming my face for 10 min... i let it cool and used the tea as my final rinse i just let the tea run off my ends and blotted the excess. What i'm starting to realize is my hair loves being wet... Yet in the past MY goal was to keep my hair dry.
So with knowledge comes enlightenment! I 'listen' to my hair now whatever it needs i try to give.
I"M SOOO glad i did the rinse cause my hair is fab now. And after googling 'tea rinse' it actually does exist so i'm not the first and won't be the last so give it a try, why don't ya! ........
  • cowash - Suave
  • DC - Scruples condish/ humectress/honey/ silk fusion oil ( 45min w/ heat)
  • Peppermint/ Black tea rinse
  • Leave- In - 14 n 1
  • Moisturize - Silk Elements
  • Seal - grapeseed oil/ castor on edges ( Tie w/ silk scarf)

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