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Real quick before I hit the gym... Suze Orman is offering a free download of her latest book: 2009 Action Plan on Oprah's website. I have already stated reading it.... You must jump on this before next week, Suze is an expert at financial advice and has many other books relating to investing, saving and getting out of debt. If you watch her show you know she is straight forward and borderline mean ( but the lady knows her stuff). Click on the title to download.

Take control our your debt before its too late! I didn't make any resolutions this year but my goal is to be conscious of how i spend. Alrighty bout to go burn off last nights dinner:: mac n chezz, stew chicken, broccoli and collards w/ Biscuits. Damn now I'm hungry!!


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Anonymous said...

I missed the deadline! Is there anyway you could share by emailing!
I will check back for ur response!


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