Where have you been?

Y'all I'm so glad right know...... I found it........OPI's You Dont Know Jacques nail color. It has been on my hot list for a while but everywhere I went it was sold out. While cruising the tiny aisles of a quaint, dark BSS I stumbled across a bottle. They actually had a great selection, probably because it is so neatly tucked on a main street w/ restaurants and boutiques, no one would ever think to go in so I'm glad I did. I even introduced myself and got acquainted w/ the owner Tony :::bonus::: ...I know i said I'm supposed to be cutting back.... but... like... i couldn't have just left it there... the guilt would have killed me....it was meant to BE... HEHEEE well that's what i told my Hun, he was sitting outside for 20 minutes, ladies this is a miracle in it's self...usually he comes in after 10 min to get me.... So I got home and did a mani, the color is an odd mix of chocolate brown/grey...it really depends on the lighting but... Here are the results::::

looks grey here....

more chocolatey here....
Also got 2 China Glaze colors: (l. to r.) Awaken, Unplugged, You Don't Know Jacques


B said...

OMG, get out of my head! I was going to do a post on this color next week. A few beauty bloggers and I keep fighting about it. Some of us think it is fierce and others of us (aka me..lol) think it is a terrible color for brown skin. You are rockin' though, sis!! Keep it up!

Niki Tasha said...

it's an usual color which is why I like it! some days i love it others not so much... i would say give it a try, ya never know!


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