WTF + Golden Globes

Right now I'm Sooooo Pissed OFF, hence me writing in RED! Freaking Sprint has the nerve to come out w/ a Blackberry Curve w/ Direct Connect! Now really why did it take so long! I had the blackberry 7100 but felt it was way to bulky for me so i got rid of it and got the Instinct ( Loves IT but it has no direct connect). SO watching TV last night I see a commercial for the New Sprint curve w/ direct connect! YAAAYYY ! Only problem is I would have to pay full price, $479 + tax YIKES!
They could have done this months ago... I WANT IT SO BAD! my mind is frantically plotting on how can i make this happen.... ask for it as a Valentines day gift? Start selling some makeup? or even worse my handbags? start panhandling for a few weeks? DAG I'm desperate!


On a lighter note... Last night was the Golden Globes Awards, I haven't watched it on DVR yet but I did see the Red carpet arrivals (pretty much the meat & potatoes of it all for us fashion junkies). I noticed some trends 1) most ladies picked nude, metallic colors. A few went w/ bold colors purple being the go to. 2) strapless was prevalent and so were belted gowns 3) many opted for one shoulder gowns and deep v-necks 4) the mermaid gown showed up as well as pastels. I also saw ALOT of ruching, dramatic folds, layering and pleating, many opted for bold statement jewelry for that extra touch.

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