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Quick update on my lil bun in the oven...I had a regular check up on monday and found out he is not head down yet. It really shouldn't be a problem since I'm 35 weeks and he has enough room to turn when he's ready. My doctor suggested to go on my knees and elbows making my hips higher than my neck ( basically doggie style*covers eyes*) twice a day for 5-10 minutes at a time. I left the office feeling so worried and nervous! What If he stays breeched...omg I am terrified of needing a C section. My mom really helped calm me down ALOT. She basically told me not to worry I have plenty of time and the baby isn't ready to be born yet so when he's ready he'll turn on his own. She had all 3 of her kids naturally/ without pain meds and thinks that doctors ' these day's ' underestimated a woman's strength, she says that they are too quick to give a section out of convenience for their schedule and what not...I agree %100!

I prayed on it and I am going to leave it in God's hands and he will lead the way. Sometimes we underestimated the wonder of God! So I won't doubt his amazingness, I know he has a plan for my child and I and whatever it is the outcome will be his will. Not matter what I just want him to be healthy and strong, whether or not it goes how I want it to!

I never posted my birth story for my daughter but long story short I had her naturally with no pain medication, despite the fact that the hospital was clearly trying to hurry her out which ever way they could. I held true to my birth plan and only took Pitocin after stalling out for a couple hours, it definitely got the contractions going strong and I had my baby girl a few hours later. After that experience I know that God designed us women to give birth and as painful as I thought it would be...let me be the first to say it was not THAT bad! My idea of labor and childbirth was what I saw on sitcoms and movies, the screaming woman being rushed immediately after her water broke.... NOT TRUE AT ALL. I had her 12 hrs after my water broke and I was walking, laughing and making jokes the whole time. The most painful was probably from 6 cm dilated to 10 cm, when it came time to push i was actually relived to push and that was more of a burning feeling than painful. Anyhow before I go into detail, after she was out I didn't remember ANY of the pain! All I saw was my beautiful baby and all I felt was love indescribable. That is the best experience I have ever had and want it to be the same for my son as well! I will update the blog if anything changes!

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