Hair Update!

Well I wanted to let ya'll know how my hair journey is going thus far... I have recently been doing more experiments and have discovered a few staples, Luckily i havent had any set backs(thank you god). I experiment when i feel i can benefit but i wont be jumping on every wagon that comes by... Listen to your hair ladies not other people's!!
Overall my hair has grown about 3 in. in 4 months =0) I am so pleased with how healthy and strong each strand is becoming. Even though i will eventually cut all relaxed ends off I still protect and seal daily.

I am so glad i found out about co-washing( this single activity has helped me more than anything else i have ever done). Because i workout often its good to clean my hair without overdrying. Other factors are not combing my hair when dry, no heat, sealing & protecting ends, scalp massages.

THE HARDEST PART IS NOT USING HEAT!! i'm like a fish outta water but i'm dealing with it. The only thing is that i badly want to flat iron to do a length check, it has been 2.5 months since I've worn it straight. i know i can do it if i want but i feel like i will do damage if i do... soooo basically i'm not doing it for now!

Here is my fotki link this is where I upload all hair pics.


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