Have you let yourself go?

If your like me you watch Oprah as much as your SO will let you. heheheehe.. .. ... And for a while now she has been packing on pounds. i think a year ago she openly discussed her finding out she had a thyroid problem. In her O mag next month she talks about gaining all of the 40 pounds she lost in 2005.... and she is quick to admit its from her own doing, not eating right or exercising like she should be, I love her for that... she keeps it real and although i think its the thyroid which will and can control your metabolism she is taking responsibility for her part in the matter. I will always respect her for admitting when she wrong & saying what needs to be said when no one else will. This proves no matter who you are or how much you have it all comes down to your willingness to do better. if your mind set isn't there you will not succeed in anything you try, the power of the mind is GREAT!
I recommend reading one of her book club books that i read earlier this year::: A NEW EARTH BY ECKHART TOLLE..... it is truly eye opening/ It is one of those books that you can always reference. I am so happy I decided to read his book and plan on reading others by him.


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hotredsly said...

that what I deal with each day,but don't we all?trying to fit in them dam jeans,lol


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