Natural Beauty of the Week: GERREN TAYLOR

Gerren Taylor: starred on BET's Baldwin Hills and the documentary "America the Beautiful" is my Natural Beauty of the week not only cause she's natural but because she's strong.
Only 18 yrs old and she already had a modeling career that ended quickly after being told she was too fat. Gerren who is 6 feet tall, size 4 and weighs 140 pounds was told her 38 in. hips needed to be 35 in. to walk the runway in Paris. She was discovered on the streets in LA and became the youngest (12) person to be represented by L.A. Models runway division. She was supposed to be the next big thing being the first African-American in a Marc Jacobs ad campaign. A year later she went to Paris and they told she was too big to model and her career ended within the following year.
At such an impressionable age Gerren perceived herself as ugly and fat, causing her to hit rock bottom but instead of therapy or worse she turned to her mother, peers and her church for support. As a woman who has dealt with weight issues I commend Gerren because she could have let that ruin her but instead she kept on pushing. Although so still has dreams of modeling and is represented by Elite LA she is focused on graduating HS and applying to college for psychology. She may be young but this teen is destined for greatness whether you want it or not.
"I still haven't given it up for good," she says. "It's still fun for me. But if I ever do another runway show, I'm going to be walking for the empowerment of women, not just walking on a stage."

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