Women and Weights....

I've been going to the gym for 3 years off and on... mostly off! Almost 6 weeks ago I made the conscious decision to commit at least 4 days a week to cardio training. I have never been a person who obsesses over how much i weigh..I know when I'm healthy and when I'm not.. its just common sense... But with that said, i need to lose at least 35 pounds. My comfort zone is between 150-160 pds and i am far from that now and even though I like having curves and so does my fiance i know i have to get back to my healthy weight. After 6 weeks of cardio I'm feeling healthier and my clothes fit better but I'm starting to get bored. I know that after a while i can hit a plateau so i need to switch it up so to speak. So i consulted w/ a trainer at my gym on how to lose weight more effectively.

He basically told me that as a woman lifting weights is crucial and can take my weight loss to the next level. I then said "Well I'm not trying to get bulky" and he laughed stating how
women do not have the hormones to get as bulky as men do and as a matter of fact women body builders have to take steroids/ testosterone so they can get bulky. Little did i know, there are so many benefits to women lifting weights and here are only a few:

  1. Reduces risks for injury, tones muscles and help gain muscle mass.

  2. It makes you stronger and leaner. Increases metabolism to burn more calories/fat even at rest and gives you more energy to do long cardio workouts.

  3. It is extremely helpful to bones and joint. Can reduce risks for osteoporosis. Studies show it helps build and preserve muscle mass lost during aging. One study found that women can take off 10 years by weight training for a year, particularly in women aged 35 to 40 years. (this is generally when women lose bone density and muscle mass)

  4. It increases balance, stability and flexibility

  5. It makes you feel better about yourself, improves mood.

All in all, I will be adding weights to my routine, 3 days per week along with cardio. My plan is to warm up for 15 min, lift for 45 min and finish with cardio. It is also important to stretch before and after working out to avoid pulling or straining your muscles.

Thought i would share this info with you.


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Eb the Celeb said...

Thanks for this... I just got back into the gym today... I am hella sore... but I have the motivation to continue... it had been probably 6 months or so since they saw me.


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