Product Review: SCRUPLES

I tried this product for the first time this weekend but I've had it for a month or so. I actually never heard of Scruples but i decided to try it cause...a) oxygen energized water!!?!! b) botanical ingredients listed. I never heard of this oxy..eng..water but it sounded good....

First lemme say i haven't used the poo but plan on trying it after the new year! Sidebar:::is the year really over already geesssh:::: Also the poo doubles as a body wash which is a plus.

It contains honey, lavender, sunflower, aloe & wheat protein in both condish and poo.. It also has some unsavory characters like dimethicone, SLS and parabens. Nonetheless, i used the condish for my cowash and it liked it... moisture, slip and very nice smell. this was sooo good cuz i did an ACV rinse and it took the smell right out. Its too early to say but i will try again and update this post....


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