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here is my list of what products and techniques worked for me last year... mind you i began my journey in Oct so i don't have a long list!
  • Pantene Relaxed & Natural mask- no words to describe the slip and moisture.
  • co washing- The most helpful technique i've learned to date.
  • EVOO- lives up to the name liquid gold.
  • T-shirt drying- Sounds crazy but just try it. 100% cotton is sooo much better than a towel.
  • no poo- my hair has NEVER felt so good.
  • Gylcerin- originally i purchased for mixing med then found out about its uses on hair. loves it!
  • no combing- only combing hair when wet under running water is a godsend for transitioners.
  • Eggs- yup i said it... once a week i add to condish for protein.
  • Hawaiin Silky 14 n 1- i did a review so check that out.
  • aussie moist 3 min- excellent for those days when i cant DC.
  • Biotin - b-vitamin for energy, hair loss, acne, brittle nails.
  • Protective styling- I never had a problem growing hair but retaining my length was a huge issue until now.

Since starting this journey to healthy hair I pretty much have kept my routine simple... i will admit that some weeks are better than others but i never lose sight of my goal. This year my main focus is to protect my hair during this transition.....I have no idea when i will do the big chop and frankly if i'm gonna be hiding my hair it kinda makes no sense to keep my relaxed hair. I made a goal to reach BSL before i decided to transition so i'm sticking to it.

Last night i shampooed my hair for the first time in months. I will not be doing regular shampoos. I don't find it necessary since my hair gets clean using other methods. I did an oil rinse w/ coconut oil prior to shampooing, which saved my hair from being stripped dry. I used Nexxus Therappe on my scalp for 2 washes and followed w/ a DC mixture of evoo, honey, humectress & coconut oil. I left it on all night using heat when i wasn't doing anything. Detangling is getting harder and i lost a good amount of hair but i think since i hadn't combed my hair for a week the amount of hair loss was normal. even with shrinkage i can see a length difference, i soo badly want to straighten to check how long it is but i won't :::sheds a tear:: So back to hiding my hair under my wig until who knows!


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