My ABSOLUTE favorite oil is....

COCONUT OIL has been a staple in my life from the day I was born... My mom says she used it daily for my hair and skin. the scent is so reminiscent of my childhood years. I have heard people say they don't like how it smells but to me its bliss.

Growing up on the islands coconut trees were in our backyard... in my tomboy days my bro and i tried to climb to the top. My grandma even pressed her own coconut oil (a task i still can't get).

Technically i am biased to say coconut oil is the best since we have history *hehehee* ... but its much more than familiarity that makes me say its numero uno! there are so many ways to use it BUT it does wonders for hair and skin..i will attest to this. It isn't heavy or greasy, it can be added to condish or used as a hot oil treatment, great for dandruff and dry scalp, its said to be a natural sunscreen so i apply it nightly and before moisturizer, It can be used to seal ends esp. in the warmer months(*sunscreen). I could write a report on it so just believe me when i say IT IS THE TRUTH!


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Heat Styled Natural said...

Ditto!! I'm a believer! I triple love this stuff lol.


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