Hair Update

sorry i haven't been as active as i usually am.... Just been busy trying to start my year on the right foot. lots of priotizing and such 1) our wedding 2) making a new spending budget for 09 and sticking to it.... I miss blogging so i making sure i'm back on it this week! Now for my hair- I really haven't been doing much to it just keeping it moisturized and hiding w/ my homemade wig. I definitely notice some growth since wearing this wig/ baggy so i'm sticking with it for now. Honestly i'm already tired of the wig but i'mma keep rocking it til it cant be rocked no more! i so need to wash my hair though its been about a week....so tomorrow my main goal is to DC my hair and do a facial. usually i do this on Sundays but my lil sis asked me to relax her hair and i ended up spending the whole day w/ her. Now that i think about it i should've snapped a few pics of the end result her hair is about MBL and just gorg... anyhow i didn't so next time!
My mom came home w/ tyler perrys the marriage counselor on dvd and let me say we all laughed till our bellies hurt. What a riot! Well see y'all tomorrow with some brand new posts. till then....

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