Hair Update.. 5 months post

I promised an update on my transition but didn't have a moment this weekend. This weekend I did a Deep Treatment using EVOO, Coconut oil, Pantene R&N Mask, and honey (my basic ingredients). I have been seriously considering the BC, I've heard how hard 2 textures can be and YES IT IS...well not hard just time consuming. My initial plan was to go a year before I chopped and its been 5 months so let's see how the next few months go. I think I have wonderful growth for such a short time, if I could double the length I have now in 7 months that would be amazing....So if you are wondering what my regimen is during the week its super simple.

  • wash my hair on Sat or Sun using only condish and sometimes I will do a rinse (ACV or TEA)
  • DT with my regular mix leaving it on for a few hours mostly under a heating cap, After I rinse w/ cold water, wrap hair in cotton tee for about 5 min.
  • apply a leave-in and begin sectioning hair spraying Hawaiin Silky on scalp and line of demarcation. I usually braid hair in 10-12 braids and let it fully dry, that's it.
  • I tie hair at night with a silk scarf, in the morning I oil scalp, massage a little, put on a plastic cap and a wave cap over it, then throw on my wig and i'm good to GO.
  • OOH I only comb hair when under running water w/ loads of condish using my shower comb (must have) and I use my fingers to detangle and part into sections.

The next pic I have condish in my hair...
Detangling is becoming more and more difficult..... So I use like half a bottle of condish, then
I comb my hair under the shower.

I wanted a texture shot and NG length check....this the best one.

And finally my everyday look... I love the ease of wearing a wig and I plan on making a new one soon.

What do y'all think... Should I go straight or try a curly look? Your feedback is appreciated!


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