What a week?

sorry for the lack of posts this week...I've been hitting the gym HARDCORE and it feels great. I did 5 days at a minimum of 60min each day, today I spent 3 hours. 60 min treadmill, 30 bike,30 elliptical and an hour of taekwon do.....Whoa! Needless to say, I am sore and exhausted but Proud that I have kept up with my lifestyle change (some say diet but i don't believe in it). I am the type of person who never weigh myself so I have no idea how much I've lost. My clothes fit differently, my energy is up and my skin glows more now than ever before. Another plus is I eat more frequently about 5- 6 times a day, typically 3 of those meals are snacks per se. When I say snack I mean fruit, yogurt, soup, salad or anything light to hold me over 2 hours. I love the way I feel and look, I even walk differently.... Thanks to Amy's step classes and taekwon do. I love going to the gym now, the hardest part for me is waking up @ 6am but once i'm dressed i'm good to go. The days when i don't go i feel guilty and weak, so i try to get in 5-6 days a week. A great tip i learned is to switch it up so you won't get bored, add a class if your gym offers it, change machines and do intervals if possible, whatever you do keep your body guessing whats next. I see so many people doing the same workout each day and that may work for them but I need variety. i'll keep you all updated weekly on how i'm doing, like a progress report LOL.

Finally, I had a poll asking my followers what they thought i should do more of and the majority said more hair flix... SO that it is! I will post some pics over the weekend, I have got some serious new growth going on can't wait for you guys to see. Until then.. TATA!


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princessvalecia said...

My days seem so much more fulfilled and happier when I've worked out


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