Yet I will Rejoice!

Hey y'all... I hope you missed me as much as i have missed you. Where do i start? life has definitely taken me on an emotional roller coaster in the last 3 weeks. My last post I was sick as a dog and didn't get over that for about a week. Then guess what I'm just now getting over food poisoning. Long story short, The hun and I decided to try Pollo Campero ( does anyone know about this place).anyhow its not "new" to my parts but a new restaurant opened nearby so I wanted to see what it was about. OKay Basically it's a Spanish influenced chicken spot. We got home and began to chow down, I thought boy it tastes pretty good, not greasy like some other fried chicken places and pretty seasoned and flavored. Well that was until the next morning, All hell broke loose **hint **hint. The hun and I both got sick.... I called earl all day and night.... Couldn't even hold water down.. By Gosh haven't felt like that in years!
By no means is this an anti Pollo Campero rant... I had a bad first experience but that doesn't mean the place is bad, I just won't be eating there again.

Also I have been going through it with my tenant...this chick had the nerve to report me to the town for having an illegal 2 family home. I am so applauded because for the last 2+ years her and her 2 kids have been occupying this 2 family home, The nerve. She claims she didn't do it but how come a week after I receive the notice she tells me she's moving, PURE SHADE! I know God will see us through this and as for her what goes around... y'all know the rest! So she moved, and my goddaughter and her parents were evicted the next week so they moved in. I was glad that out of a bad situation I was able to help them out when they really needed it. I tell you God always has a plan whether you know it or not!

I have been trying to keep up with my hair but with all the DRAMA.... Its like the last thing on my list. I did manage to do a Deep treatment 2 days ago and have been rocking a bun, with some pretty fly waves i might add! I'm loving all this texture! If I can find the time this weekend I will be doing some box braids. It'll most likely take me ALL weekend but it'll be worth it.

Just wanted to stop in and say I'M STILL HERE! And by the grace of God I won't be going nowhere!


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