Hair Update: Dominican blowout

So I'm back with a new post like I promised and this time it's a hair update... Like I mentioned in my last post I'm still in the transition process and have been doing as little as possible to my hair while trying out different protective styles such as; wigs, braids, kinky twists, weaves, twists on my own hair and twistouts/braidouts. Whatever style I choose I always remember to moisturize my hair and tuck my ends. Just let me say I haven't really been sealing my ends because I trim them often and will be getting rid of relaxed ends anyway, yet I have little to no split ends. Keeping my hands out of my head has been a huge help in retaining and gaining length, as well as NO HEAT! After 15+ months of no heat I decided to get a blowout for my birthday last month... just a quick summary of what I did before and after........................
I deep conditioned the day before using olive oil and humectress and left it on overnight. The day of I washed and conditioned then the stylist sectioned and blow dried my hair (with heat protectant) with a round brush and flat ironed it smooth. I kept my hair straight for 4 weeks, originally planned for 2 but keeping putting it off. The first week I wrapped nightly then weeks 2 & 3 I rocked braidouts and updo's. I only used additional heat twice in the 4 weeks just to take away any frizz. Honestly the last week I really didn't do much but wrap at night. I'm currently wearing a wig with my hair in conrows that I spritz nightly and baggy under the wig... pretty simple! Basically no matter which style I rock I try to stay consistent to my rules:
**Until next time...I'll Holla! =)

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