Am I the only One....

I've been trying out the Carol's Daughter line for a couple months now and am steady waiting for the products to start working... I've heard so many great things about her line and the natural ingredients she uses but its not doing IT for me, maybe its just MY hair. anyhow I purchased:
  • Black Vanilla Herbal Shampoo
  • Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie
  • Hair Milk
  • Healthy Hair Butter
My honest opinion the shampoo wasn't anything special but smells divine.. the Hair milk has a strong smell of lemongrass which I'm not big on, somewhat medicine-like. As for a moisturizer my hair sucks it up fast so I'd say it's lightweight. The Hair butter is a good moisturizer but again has a medicinal scent to me. What I really love is the hair smoothie, its a good deep treatment and provides great slip.
Which leads me to ask... AM I THE ONLY ONE? I won't write Carol's Daughter off completely I want to try the Hair Oil someday..... any thoughts?

until next time

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Kingsmomma said...

I was dissapointed with the product line. It did nothing for my or my son's hair. I've jumped ship. I still use the Jamaican punch lotions (mixed with coconut oil) but my hair care goes to Karen's body beautiful


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