MAkeUP Review: NARS Sheer MAtte

As promised I want to share my thoughts on a new product...well new to me! Like many other women of color, I am always on the hunt for a 'good' foundation that also matches my skin tone, and covers discoloration, and stays put for long and the list goes on....
I have been a drugstore makeup person since I began wearing makeup but understand that sometimes you get what you pay for.. What I was getting was foundation that didn't have an array of colors for brown skin and not to mention they needed to be reapplied way too often.
Anyhow one of my beauty goals for 2o1o is to try brands I wouldn't normally try.
$42 Available at Sephora Stores
Their Description:
{Sheer Matte's velvety oil free fluid evens skin tone and absorbs excess oil, leaving your complexion shine free all day
. Used daily, your skin's texture and radiance improve over time, becoming softer, smoother and more luminous. Sheer matte foundation provides weightless, buildable coverage, with a natural matte finish. For normal to oily skin types. Dermatologist tested. Non-Comedogenic. Fragrance Free.}

This product is the bidness...enough said!! LOL Seriously though, I'm in Love.
It is the lightest foundation I've tried, this thing disappears into your skin and leaves it feeling extra smooth. Like it says its very matte an A+ for oily skin yet it gives great coverage. I use it with my Sonia Kashuk Highlighting brush and it doesn't even look like I'm wearing makeup! Also I wanna mention it is considered a
transparent-matte foundation but it is buildable to give the coverage you need. Typically I use M.A.C's studio tech in NC 50/ NW45 mixing both to create a match.
The site describes the shade Trinidad as dark with warm yellow undertones...This shade IS my skin tone which I guess Is why it seems to disappear into my skin. I have never had a foundation that I didn't have to custom blend to match my skin tone so this is a DREAM to me. I know ya'll are like its too good to be true and you are right...Hold on there is a down side... the price.... it is a whopping $42..sticker shock anyone? but worth it IMO. Again the 'you get what you pay for' thing.
NARS is one of
THE best cosmetic companies out there. All I know is this>>> Get it if you can, IT works wonders and IF it does all this and helps improve your skin in the long run then its worth $42.
SO there's my thoughts !

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Noirbella said...

Do you have any pics with you wearing this foundation? I just purchased a bottle on last Friday, but I think it's too brown (Tortuga), and I have yellow and orange undertones in my cheek and forehead areas.

Niki Tasha said...

Duhhh why didnt I think of that..I've been trying to upload a pic but haven't had any luck yet...I'll update the post with a face as soon as blogger lets me.
thanks fr commenting!


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