Protective Styling: Short Wig

This week's PS (protective Style) for me is my asymmetrical bob wig...I used it a lot in my transition and still wear it on days when I'm just being lazy.

I wanted to do medium sized kinky twists but I just didn't feel up to all that braiding...hmmphh! so I'm gonna shoot for doing them this Sunday coming. Under the wig I have my hair in 8 braids which I moisturize and re-braid every other day, I also wear a wig cap/silk scarf to protect my strands from touching the inner mesh of the wig. This a crucial step with wearing wigs...you don't want your protective style to cause any damage to your hair cause that would be counter-productive right?!?

I do plan on wearing my natural hair out this weekend so I'll upload a few pics of how I style it

until next time.....

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