How I NOW wash my brushes

real quick I found a new way to clean my brushes at a record speed of 10-15 sec each

Usually I use mild liquid soap like Dove, or Johnson's Baby Wash...but I would have to let the brushes sit in 1/2 in. of water for a few minutes to loosen up the product. As I'm getting a cup of water ready for them to soak I see my Ambi Clear Complexion bar soap on the sink and decided to use that instead.... BINGO.....worked like a charm!

I took a brush swirled it onto the soap few maybe 10 sec or less and then rinsed. absolutely no need for a second wash because instantly the buildup melted off the brush and onto the bar.
I'm guessing the more buildup the longer it takes but mines were clean in 10 sec.
btw I clean my brushes weekly.....
So happy I discovered this method because time is at the essence for me so anything to save a few minutes makes life a little easier..it took me 10 minutes to clean about 20 brushes...SweeT

I suggest you use a mild soap that isn't drying like Dove or Aveeno,
my brushes are still wet but they feel pretty soft to me,
I'll see for sure in the a.m.
Just thought I'd share!


until next time....

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