Review: Avon MagiX Face Perfector

Ok let me start by saying yes I am a rep for Avon/Mark however my opinions are strictly subjective...NO I do not get paid to blog about or even promote Avon on this site. With that said, there will be many more Avon posts because I never used them in the past and am excited to see what they have to offer.

Today I wanna focus on Avon MagiX Face Perfector ::
they say> A magical air-light gel-powder colorless formula that makes all skin tones look flawless... invisible coverage; instant perfection. Banish shine up to 10 hours. Apply evenly before sun exposure or as needed. 1 fl. oz.

Targets pores:
visibly minimizes pores with patent-pending Optix Light-Diffusing Technology.

Banishes Shine: holds back shine for up to 10 hours

Smoothes Skin: reduces the look of fine lines...skin feels softer than ever.

I say > They are on to something here...this 'primer' is not like any I have ever used, the main difference is that its a gel-powder which simply means it is liquid but when applied turns into powder form. I use it over my moisturizer and under my foundation to keep the oilness at bay and that it does. Did I mention it has SPF 20 protection which is a PLUS with summer right around the corner ...
good example::: yesterday I made my way to the mall for some retail therapy. I generally hate wearing makeup to shop because I tend to get really oily and sweaty esp. in the dressing rooms where the lights make the room super hot! so i decided to put MagiX to the ultimate test... After a couple hours of walking, shopping and trying on clothes my face was not oily at all, it wasn't completely matte either--it's was sort of dewy looking! IT was AMAZING to say the least. {all my oily chics know what I mean} Also it continued to keep my face oil free after several hours(about 7) . I am definitely gonna be ordering more of this product in the future...If you have major oil issues like myself I suggest you give this a try or not hey it's your world I'm just here to share my findings.....

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