Update: Carol's Daughter

So I did a review on some CD products a few weeks back and was not impressed..I decided to try the 2 products I didn't like again, this time I wanted to use them both exclusively. I cowashed my hair with Scruples Hydrating Conditioner (trying to clean out my stash) then let it air dry with a bit of Aussie Moist as leave in. I waited till the next day to twist my hair using the hair milk for moisture and the Hair Butter for hold...
as i mentioned in the earlier post the hair milk has a strong lemongrass smell which lingered for a day..as a whole it has some good ingredients and does it's job well but for me the smell is too much so I will not continue to use it.. I really do wish it wasn't so strong cause it is a good product, it is moisturizing yet light and doesn't leave my hair greasy at all....My hair literally sucks it up.
The healthy hair butter on the other hand is a keeper, it is water-based and contains soybean/corn/sweet almond/jojoba/wheat germ oil, shea + cocoa butter...It does have a strong smell because of the sage, patchouli, cedar wood and ylang ylang but it isn't as offensive to me like the hair milk is. next time I will try the butter with something else to see if I get similar results. Used together My twists came out so good...shiny and soft!

Overall I am glad I gave them a second try! I am still wearing the twists so I'll come back with the results of my twist out!
until next time

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