GoTTa Beat the Heat

Hope your 4th was as good as mine was...It was and still is HOT as HELL here in NY
You know it's hot when everybody is walking around with a permanent grimace on their face lmao! On another note I have been having such Good hair days (probably because of the heat n humidity). I'm 4 months in the natural hair game and still learning how my hair responds to different elements and products...what i've learned so far ------1. My hair loves shea butter 2. the less products I use the better the outcome 3. I have to wet my hair at least every 3 days or else =/ and lastly my husband loves my hair more everyday =o)
I've been getting creative and doing more than the usual suspect aka PUFF....I usually just wing it and get great results as opposed to planning out what I'm going to do and getting crappy results. Isn't that how life is anyway?!? hmmmmppphhhh!

until next time


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Makeup by Kim Porter said...

It was hotter than IDK what this weekend in NY. I stayed in all of yesterday until the sun went down, then I went for a run/walk with my boyfriend. I'm surprised my hair managed to stay looking a little presentable.



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