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well folks sorry for the lack in posts, I'm currently experiencing CPU hell. I rarely ever get a chance to get online and until my computer gets out of ICU the posts will be few and far in between...sorry!

what's happening in my life..... Trying to get back to work and starting school in the fall. My lil one is turning a year next month and Well it about that time that mama get back to the grind of LIFE! I am grateful to be able to stay home for this long but I am in need of adult interaction hehehe!

As far as my hair...I'm still natural, still Aiming for my goals of waist length hair, and still protective styling like crazy. I have noticed a considerable amount of growth as of late (due to the protective styles) YESSSSS! this proves that I'm on the right track. August 26th will make 2 years since my last relaxer/ 6 months since I BC'ed.
Here is an idea of my length( pics to follow soon)---- The nape is about 3 in past collar bone, the sides touch my collar bone and the front touch my chin! I am currently rocking a fierce fro just to get a feel of my hair being out but in a couple days I 'll be putting it up again for 4 weeks...probably a twist set with extensions or box braids a la Lauryn Hill's Latest Do.

Hope you all stay blessed and happy! thanks for continuing to follow this blog, I sincerely appreciate the Love!

until next time......

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