Postpartum shedding and more....

While both kids are sleep( a rare occasion) let me drop a line or 2.
Finally we have been getting some BEAUTIFUL weather here in NY and I am super excited for summer. I am actively working on dropping some lbs...although I am back to pre-baby weight(actually under) I still have many many more to go so my goal is slow n steady!

As far as my lil man he is now 10wks old and weighs a whopping 13+lbs. He is such a happy baby its makes my day so bright and he laughed out loud for the 1st time 2days ago, hubby was like was that you or him, he couldn't believe it was him that lol'd. I am truly the happiest I have ever been because of my kids!
Now the only down side I have to report is 'postpartum shedding' it is taking a toll on the health of my hair & I was not ready for it at all. With my daughter it was mild so I wasn't anticipating anything different this time around. I lose so much hair when I wash n detangle, even when I try to remove shed hair on dry hair. So I have been keeping my routine super simple; wash/detangle weekly, protective style or bun and moisturize as needed. Yes I am still doing the challenge, so far I have retained about an inch or more. I'm currently wearing small twists and plan on keeping them for 2 wks then wash and re-install.

Ok so now Cadence is up so let me wrap this up. I have been doing hardcore research on coloring my hair *gasp* I know it can be damaging but I desperately need a change if not color I will probably cut a few inches off....if you're saying to yourself what's the point of retaining length to chop it off let me just say IT'S JUST HAIR PPL it'll grow back. Plus I think my hair looks better a bit shorter, my hair grows unevenly so I would like to shape it into a bob type cut {the back grows super fast so it can look like a fro mullet<---not cute}.
Ok duty calls! Ttyl


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