June Favorites

It's that time again... My most used beauty items in the month of June. I honestly had a hard time keeping the list short so I had to choose my TOP 10 items:

1. Milk of Magnesia
> I don't know who the genius was to discover using MOM as a primer but whoever you are my oily skin thanks you from the bottom of its oily pores. 
Rating: A++ 

2. MAC Bare My Soul Quad
> I have been reaching for this quad all month long. You can create various looks or simply use each shade alone. 
Rating: A+

3. MAC Pro long wear paint pot Eclair 
> This is a perfect bronze color for days when I don't want to do too much on my eyes, I grab this, put it on my lids add mascara or lashes and go! AND it lasts all day long. 
Rating: A+

4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
> Although I own quite a few eye shadow primers this one is my fav. You don't need much and it makes my shadows last even on hot & humid days. 
Rating: A

5. Magic Bonding Glue 
> It has been years since I've worn a weave or used bonding glue in my hair so I have a few bottles collecting dust, so I'm happy to have found an alternate use. First let me give a disclaimer: FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY & NOT MEANT FOR USE ON THE EYES! 
I started using bonding glue as lash glue and I am in love. I probably will never use traditional lash glue again. It does not irritate my eyes, it has amazing hold and the black color gives the lashes a more natural look. 
Rating: A+ 

6. E.L.F Powder Brush
> This brush is a must have! It is called powder brush but I like to use it for liquid foundation. It makes blending a dream and gives an airbrushed finish. For only $3 it's cheap and effective. 
Rating: B+ 

7. E.L.F Small Stipple Brush 
> I had to include this even though I got it mid-June because it's already a fav. For blending concealer or applying highlight or even for foundation this brush is a work horse with all of it's uses. And again for $3 you have to give it up to E.L.F. 
Rating: A

8. MAC Ripe For Love Blush
> I posted my haul from Temperature Rising last month, and have had a chance to experiment with all the products. Next to the quad, this blush is the stand out of the entire collection. It has a highlighting effect to it that is just gorgeous, and its peach shade is suitable for every complexion. 
Rating: A+

9. The Balm Betty Lou-Manizer 
> It took me some time to put this baby to use, but now that I've had some time to play with it I regret not using it before. It can be used as eye shadow, highlight or bronzer depending on your skintone.
Rating: B+

10. Juicy Couture Duo Rollerball 
> Because of my indecisiveness I could not choose between Viva La Juicy and Viva La Juicy Fleur so I got this rollerball with both. They are both great summer scents, I'm not going to try to describe them just know its a best seller for a reason. 
Rating: A+

I had a few more but I'll save those for next month. 

Until next time

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