Karuna Exfoliating + Face Mask

I was a bit skeptical about buying this mask at first but the longer I stood on the checkout line at Sephora the more I talked myself into trying it. {Isn't that why they put those items near the line so you can buy more before checking out lol}

 Anyhow, it was $8 which to me is a lot for a one time mask but I always say there's no price too high for good skincare. I ended up not using it for weeks and forgot I even had it, until last night, I was going through my skincare drawer and saw it laying there waiting to be used. 

The mask was easy to apply and was really wet so be prepared for some dripping while putting it on. The directions said 10-20 minutes or longer for an intense treatment, I kept it in for 30 minutes. When I took it off my face was still a bit damp so I waited for it to dry before going to bed. 

Fast forward 7 hours and my face feels like silk, looks youthful, rejuvenated and 
glowing. I am very surprised by the results and will most definitely pick up another one next time I go to Sephora.
 *no filter-  the morning after applying mask. 

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