Kylie Jenner Lip for WOC

Have you noticed most of my blogposts are done in the wee hours of the am. Thanks to insomnia and McD's Iced coffee I do my best thinking/ writing between the hours of 1-3am. 

Anyhow, today (well yesterday) I discovered a lipstick that mimics the highly raved about look that Kylie has been rocking for the past couple of months. I've seen many tutorials and they all used a cocktail of lipsticks, liners and such to create the look, and truthfully many weren't flattering for us brown beauties. 

I pulled out an oldie but goodie and it wasn't until after snapping a few pics I realized it looked similar to her lip so of course I had to share the news on all social sites for anyone interested. 

               MAC SPICE LIPSTICK  (LE)

-this is taken at night with indoor lighting but I will be recreating this look and take better daylight pics.

 But until then...

Smooches *

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