Top 5 Lip Moisturizers

Soft, moisturized lips are a must for me because having flaky lips is a no no especially since I wear lipstick daily. 

With a plethora of choices for lip balm I have found a few that I'm in love with. 

1⃣ EOS Sweet Mint 
I have to admit I fell for the craze of these egg shaped lip balms and own every flavor they make, but for some reason sweet mint is my absolute favorite. I think it has to do with the peppermint tingle it leaves on my lips. 

2⃣ MAC Lip Conditioner (Tube) 
I have mentioned this before in a monthly favorite post and continue to love it. It probably is my #1 because it truly does wonders for my lips. It's works immediately so I tend to use it prior to applying makeup so my lips are ready for lipstick. 

3⃣ Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm
This love affair started with the rosebud salve which I did like but the constant smell of roses got to be too much. So I tried the strawberry and instantly liked using it much better, not only does it smell terrific it keeps my lips soft. 

4⃣ Kiehl's Coconut lip balm 
My newest find and already included in my daily routine. It's a bit thick and I can see it being awesome for winter months. I mainly use it at night and when I wake up my lips are smooth as butter. 

5⃣ MAC Lip Conditioner 
This is now discontinued but it was and still is an excellent moisturizer. The idea that it comes packaged as a regular MAC lipstick is what drew me in when I first saw it. The formula is amazing so I don't know why they discontinued this product. Essentially it's like the conditioner in the tube but more emollient and longer lasting. 

It wouldn't be a good lip conditioning post with out mentioning a lip scrub. I used to use C.O. Bigelow Lip Buffer from Bath & Body but began making a simple homemade mix of olive oil or coconut and sugar, it works just as well and saves $ because those ingredients are always available in your kitchen. 

Until Next Time 

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