What's in my Makeup Bag

It has been ages since I posted on here so I thought it would fun to show what I carry around with me as far as makeup items. I did want to mention I am very active on Instagram @makeup_by_niki and that's where I post daily, anything from fotd's / sales / hauls/ my makeup collection to beauty tips and tricks.

I usually never need to touch up my makeup after applying it in the am, other than reapplying lipstick and a quick powdering of the nose what's done is done.

First of I carry everything in a MAC neon monogram bag which I love because it's small enough to fit in cross body bags yet wide enough to hold a good amount of products. So here's what I carry....

• cash (emergency $) 
•blotting sheets
•retractable Kabuki
•powder foundation 
•perfume sample
•lip balm 
•clear lipgloss  
•Hello Kitty mirror
•brown liner/ nude lipstick & lipglass
•purple lipgloss 

The only thing different I would add are whatever lipstick or gloss I'm wearing that day or eye lash glue if I'm going out dancing, because heat and sweat can cause my lash glue to loosen up.

Until next time 

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