Fighting Temptations

If you NEED something..now is the time to get it. Every store is having a sale as if you dont already know, but seriously every store is having a sale!

I have never seen so many sales before and finding it extremely hard to go anywhere w/o
'picking ____up cause it a good price'. My inner product junkie is itching to come out and play, but i know we are in a recession so I'm holding on to my dollars tighter than ever. So when I walk into the mall this weekend and see red signs galore i grab my bag and straighten up, making sure my eyes don't wander... I only had to pick up one thing for my mom and knew exactly what i was looking for... i scurry over to bags searching w/ my eyes. I can't help but notice everything is on sale for real... from 25% to 70% off. I know i'm in trouble now so i dart over to the other section and found what i envisioned for. no time wasted i proceed to checkout, this is when i spot the M.A.C counter which just seemed to appear before me like a mirage of some kind... Cold sweats and all i dragged my feet over to the register to pay for my item...It was THE hardest thing for me to do. But it felt liberating. I don't even need anything, I actually just gave away some things to free up closet space and still need to purge some more. I want to live a full life with less stuff. just 2 years ago i would have emptied out my account at the mall in a matter of hours. I say that to say... less is more. it really is.


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