Hair Update

Thought you might wanna know what's going on on top of my dome! Well I got braids a couple weeks ago and it looks like this is the look I'm going for this summer. Low maintance and CuTe! i did them my self and am proud to say i finished in about 10 hours! YAY ME! but lemme tell you my shoulders and arms were dead the next day! /Hey Beauty is Pain RIGht?/ anyways it's been 7 months since my last relaxer : ) and so far I must say It hasn't been so bad... I am going for the long haul, I won't put a time stamp on when I plan to chop but my hair will let me know when enough is enough..right now i'm enjoying my new texture but can't let go of the length just yet. Lord forgive me if that is vain.... I've always kept my hair short but am terrified cause I never had short and curly. For now I'm gonna keep doing what i'm doing! until next time!


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