To Tell The Truth

: clearing my throat:

I have been holding in a secret for waaaaay to long and need to get it off my chest! My absence from blogland hasn't been because of sheer laziness nor lack of interest...
I AM PREGNANT Y'ALL.........There i said it!
My world has been rocked since Jan 20th inaugauration day, that is when I took 2 tests to confirm what my heart already told me, and I couldn't be any happier... I am well into my second trimester so I feel 'safe' to share the news now, I hope I haven't lost some blogger friends due to my lack of posts but If only you knew how bad morning sickness really is. So now that i'm feeling better, getting my energy back and actually wearing something other than pj's or sweats...i'm feeling Golden, like my old self again!
Needless to say my wedding planning has come to a halt and now it's all about baby planning! =)
It's funny how my wedding day was to be Sept 23rd and my due date is Sept 22nd!
Isn't God great?!? its like he's saying "so you think you in control huh, I think not"
I feel truly blessed and every day I wake up with a smile on my face!

As far as my hair, it's still in braids and still growing! I haven't been on top of my moisturizing game but I try to at least put in some leave-in or condish every few days. so there My secret is out and i feel a 1000 times better now... to all the moms out there if you have any tips or advice I'm open to any knowledge you may want to share with me!



Seymone said...

Congrats.. I am so happy for you. Luxuriate and take it easy. Blessings sis.

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Niki Tasha said...

thanks ladies!


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