Spring has sprung

I am so feeling this beautiful spring weather...today I spent a good part of my day outside, running errands and visiting my favorite place THE FRUIT STAND! i can't get enough!
Ever since my pregnancy I have changed my eating habits... so much so that I started losing weight. Every time i visit my OB i lose either 6 or 4 pounds. At first i was worried but i know the reason is because I've been eating more grilled chicken, fish, fruits and veggies than before. plus the baby is doing just fine, and so far all my tests have been good!
i haven't had many cravings which is great but i try to treat myself on Saturday's! All in all I am patiently waiting for my 20 week ultrasound so I can start the nursery...Honestly I have no preference on the sex, I just want a healthy, happy child! I'm not really showing yet so it doesn't seem real LoL! but when i feel the tiny kicks I know life is growing inside of me..its such an amazing feeling I can't even put words to it. I have always loved kids, helped raised many of my younger cousins and have friends with babies, but never have i thought of myself as a mom...i know many women have dreams of marriage, kids and the dog but i never envisioned that life for me. i am blessed to have a guy in my life who as excited as i am and ready to be a dad. He has always been great which is why I've been with him for so long... but now i see a side of him that i didn't know was there before, he's so caring, and supportive it makes me cry almost everyday! He thinks I'm losing it but everything brings a tear to my eyes.. talk about hormonal! lmao!



Lalapoo said...

congrats and take care of that lil' bump.

Niki Tasha said...

thanks luv!


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