i'm loving it...

This weather is gawgous...finally sun is emerging and flowers are blooming, i even have a bird's nest in my AC. Every morning i hear the lil ones chirping until mommy gets back with breakfast..its TOO cute! i love IT!

Yesterday we had our first cookout of the season which was such fun! I was the honorary Grillmaster since i couldn't really do anything else...and i think i found my calling LOL... I rarely ever get on the grill but i was up for a challenge. Everyone was raving about the BBQ chicken and Burgers....they were hand made! my secret was to mix bbq sauce into the patty before grilling Yummolicious!

it was good to see all our firends and family out of hibernation!
i feel so full of energy and really sexy lately! yesterday i rocked a grey low cut dress with ruffles on the neckline and down the belly with a cropped jean jacket and flat rhinestone embellished sandals! HAUTE if i may say so myself! by late evening i had to throw on some tights cuz the quitos were out and about!! Well enuff bout me what did you do this weekend?

Today is my 'rest' day I'll cook then watch movies all day! i am so glad i did all the cleaning last night cause i don't think it would've gotten done today.... so until next time!


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