Loving Life

At this point in my life I couldn't be any happier with where I am. I haven't been employed since last Feb but I feel like I'm more aware of myself and who I really am. This transition has helped me to look at myself and see who I really am. I thank god each day for giving me the strength to make this choice and to follow my heart.
I have learned to "DO ME" no matter what anyone else thinks about my decision. I decided to go natural again, this time taking the time to appreciate my hair and everything that goes with it. Unknowingly I started a journey to a healthier lifestyle... without the worries of sweating out my perm I began working out more, with ingredients reading I started becoming more aware of what I eat and drink. It seems that each step I took lead me to another revelation about myself and how important it is to lead a more natural life. About 4 months into my transition I found out I was pregnant! That's when the light really began to shine bright... I HAVE to do things differently now, for the sake of my child. Either way I would have to stop relaxing my hair so having a head start is a plus I know many people who continue to relax throughout pregnancy but I am not one of them. I don't believe its safe!

Today more than ever I love my life. I'm out of work and pregnant but not stressing a thing...I believe God has always provided for me and he will continue to do so. When things are at its worst is when we need to have faith in Him. I didn't 'plan' it this way but this is what I was dealt so this is my path... My fiance and I had to cancel our dream wedding. The crazy part is all along I just wanted it to be simple, because after all its not the wedding that matters its the commitment to each other. The idea of a Big wedding wasn't for me or him but everyone else.
I am not disappointed, I am not sad, I am thankful to have him in my life as a friend and support system and we're starting a family what more can I ask for...after 10 years together this is truly a blessing. Alot of people ask why we waited so long to get married and to have kids... if I had the chance I wouldn't change a thing.


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