its been a while, I know

Haven't came by these parts in a while so give let me say I miss y'all. I've been running around trying to get ready for this baby, a wedding and (yes) I'm planning my own shower.(Crazy right?) I'm gonna have help from my bff and my sis-in-law but I am a total control freak so I feel like i need to be the one choosing everything so I can be 100% happy.

Right now I'm 26 wks and 1day to be exact...about 14 weeks left. just can't believe how fast its happening! What i can say is that I like being pregnant so far, i haven't had any major issues::thank God:: I feel so sexy, and even more womanly it's a feeling that's hard to explain.
My hun has been all ova me lately...its pretty weird!
As far as baby...i had an appt on tue. and he/she is good! We still can't confirm whether its a boy or girl. this lil munchkin will not stay still long enough and is laying on an angle thats hard to see. But everything else is fine s/he's healthy and growing well. I can feel him more often and his kicks are getting stronger each day. This past sat. babe felt him for the first time...it was so sweet! This whole time he's been trying but to no avail, but we woke up sat am and was just laying around talking and he had his arm around my waist/ or whats left of it/ and he felt him move! it was so hard that i quickly asked 'did ya feel that'. his face light up so bright i wish i had it on video. Enough bout that I can go on for hours about this pregnancy, I even wanna start another blog dedicated to mommy-hood!
just don't think I'm gonna have the time for 2 blogs but we'll see....

::Now::Time for a quick hair update.

I'm almost 10 MTHS into my transition. Whoa! I'm speechless! When I started this journey I only dreamt of transtioning for a year and never thought i would make it that long. It has truly been a mental shift of thinking to get here...i had a couple moments where i wanted to give up and just relaxer again but prayer and determination got me through.
I recently took down 2-strand twists with marley hair that i had for about 4 weeks.

- 1 cup distilled water

- few drops of garnier cond.

- bit of olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil

I sprayed liberally @ night and tied with a scarf

next day re-do pony and add a headband..voila!
My hair is still thriving but I'm having major shedding which i expect this far along. Most of the relaxer strands are strong but some break off during manipulation which is why it's better to leave it alone. I am now wearing a new wig i bought, with my hair in about 10 corn rows. At night I oil my scalp and spray mix before tying with a scarf. Voila! the rest of the year I'm going to concentrate on low manipulation styles and scalp massages so i can gain mucho length before my BC...wish me luck!

I'm leaving with a pic taken today....

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Anne said...

I heard somewhere that braids are acually bad for your hair... I guess it leads to hair weakening and breaking??



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